Nourish Our Community

Excelsior Art Initiative 

Photos by Christine Kemp
This mural incorporates movement and vibrant colors, reflecting the essence of The Salad Place and its community here in the Excelsior. As a person who’s grown with the neighborhood, I wanted to highlight the diverse backgrounds of people who enter The Salad Place, continuing to find different ways to nourish each other and the community as a whole through healthy food and social connections. Recently, there’s been more options to find nutritious ingredients, like our community garden near Crocker Amazon and local markets popping up around Mission. Through this piece I hope viewers can realize the Excelsior’s brilliant charm and find ways to nourish their own communities.


Heal Our Communities

Summer Program

This mural was created in tandem with Chinatown youth in acknowledging different journeys of healing in context to the 2021 Atlanta shooting that killed 6+ API salon workers. The mural features a mother and daughter releasing butterflies, signifying a transformational release.

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Jane Trieu