826 Valencia

Book Covers
AD Vivian Sming + Amanda Boessen 
I helped design and illustrate a chapbook cover for the Young Authors Workshop writing cohort under 826 Valencia. With a range of mature topics, I decided to take an understated approach with the cover; many of the youth’s stories were based on films. The concept incorporated inspirations from film noir. 

Read the chapbook here

Cut Fruit Collective

Merchandise, Social Media Posts
AD Daphne Wu

As the lead designer of Cut Fruit Collective, I designed various social media assets and merchandise to bolster their mission of uplifting the API community through the power of art and storytelling. 

Notable projects include:
Year of the Dragon Calendar 
Dragon Year Fortune
Educational Social Media Posts 

QWOCMAP - By Youth For Us

Exhibition Window, Brochure

In honor of API Heritage Month, “By Youth, For You” showcases 12 films created by queer and transgender youth in QWOCMAP’s film program. Drawing upon inspirations of intergenerational care, tenderness, joy, and creative expression, I illustrated and designed a pop-up window display and an accompanying flyer for the film program.  

Connie Zheng - Collective Guest Composition

Exhibition Text Design

I worked with artist Connie Zheng to design a set of contemplative instructions to guide viewers through a film and sound installation. This set of text  lives as part of  the YBCA Bay Area Now 9 exhibition.

Connie Zheng - Mooncake Harvest Party

Exhibition Text The Mooncake Harvest Party, hosted by Connie Zheng celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival through poetry, DJ performances and mooncakes. Within the event identity, I wanted to incorporate moon motifs, like mooncakes and moon phases, to signify the full circle of transformation during Connie’s residency and the cycle of community care.

Sofia Cordova - dawn_chorusiii: the fruit they don’t have here

Publication,  Digital Banner, Postcard

To accompany Sofia Cordova’s exhibition “ dawn_chorusiii:the fruit they don’t have here,” I designed the promotional postcards and publication. The video installation foregrounds the stories of six Bay Area women who journeyed to the United States as refugees, fleeing political persecution. The assets reflect the non-linear storytelling, enmeshing fantasy and reality.

Cathy Lu - Interior Garden

Outdoor Banner

To promote CCC’s newest exhibition ‘Interior Garden’ and CCC’s Design Store, I created bilingual vinyl banners to be hung in SF’s Portsmouth Square to appeal to both the Chinatown community and tourists alike. Utilizing sharp contrast and bright color palettes, the banners are visually captivating to visitors while maintaining legibility. 

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